Summary of learning

I can hardly believe that it’s the end of the course already, it feels like we only just started. This class has been a very interesting one, which has probably given me more to think about than any other class I’ve taken. This is actually my first EC&I class, as all of the other classes that I’ve taken have been Ed Admin, and it’s been very interesting to have own my own pedagogical thinking challenged. I’ve also had a lot of great conversations with members of the class.

Summarizing the learning that goes on in a class like this feels nearly impossible, so my good friend Luke Braun and I decided to try to summarize the class in the way that we experienced it, in a conversational, emergent style. Because of this, we decided that the best way to share our learning was through a podcast, which is posted below.

We did run a bit over time, but at a certain point, we had to stop cutting things, and I simply couldn’t part with our social media shoutouts. I hope everyone enjoys listening as much as Luke and I enjoyed making it. This seems like a good opportunity to thank everyone for their contributions to my learning, and in particular to thank Alec and Katia for everything that they brought to the class, and for all of the interesting discussions that they facilitated.

The podcast is below. If you follow the youtube link, there are a variety of references in the show notes.


2 thoughts on “Summary of learning

  1. Great post Steve! It is crazy how fast spring classes go by! I have loved taking EC&I classes because all of those classes have provided me with new lens to look at education and my own teaching pedagogy. I enjoyed listening to your podcast that you created with Luke. I liked how through using this style and format that the listeners were able to hear both of your perspectives in all the different Great Ed Tech debates that were explored and critically looked at this semester. I enjoyed reading your blog and listening to your thoughts on Zoom us on Tuesday nights. Have a wonderful summer!

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