My name is Steve Boutilier (although you’ll mostly see me online as Steve Boots or SBotas), and I’m very excited to be a part of EC&I 830. I’ve always felt myself to be somewhat tech-savvy, from my early days coding in QBasic with my brother, to trying to write HTML in a notepad document to code my first Geocities site. The site, for the record, was created to express my strong feelings about Star Wars, and to feature GIFs of spinning X-wings. Safe to say, I was a bit of an indoor kid.

As an educator, I’m the proud teacher of a grade 4/5 French Immersion class at Elsie Mironuck School. While I have no formal tech training, I hold the proud position of “guy everyone brings their broken computers to.” It’s a noble profession. I am passionate about the use of Ed Tech in the classroom, and will often use Khan Academy, Duolingo, and a variety of online learning games with my students in order to enrich their learning. I do, however, have a number of concerns about the application of educational technology in the classroom, which I will be bringing up in the upcoming debate.

Deadlifting at Canada Strength Symposium - Bar weight 415 lbs - Photo by Emily Boutilier

Deadlifting at Canada Strength Symposium – Bar weight 415 lbs – Photo by Emily Boutilier

Personally, I am an avid golfer, swimmer, runner, cyclist, and enjoy all athletic pursuits. However, the biggest part of my life outside of work, friends, and family is my powerlifting. I am a competitive lifter in the 83 and 93 kilogram weight classes, and am planning on competing at my first national championships this coming year. I have compartmentalized most of my powerlifting work to my instagram, so if you’re curious, I’m on there as @stevebotas.

Parkour Jumping! - Photo Courtesy Matthew Obrigewitsch.

Parkour Jumping! – Photo Courtesy Matthew Obrigewitsch.

I’m very excited for the coming class, and look forward to a number of meaningful and important discussions about Ed Tech.



11 thoughts on “Learning About Ed Tech is Heavy Lifting

  1. Great to meet you Steve! Congrats on heading to Nationals! It is a noble profession to help others with their tech concerns. You make a difference in many lives:) Looking forward to learning from your experiences this semester.

  2. I would be the one bringing my computer to you!! I love using technology, however when it doesn’t work I text, email, facebook message, snapchat, and call all of my tech knowledgeable friends! Nice to meet you. looking forward to hearing your debate.

  3. Nice to meet you Steve! You’re a brave man being the tech/computer “fixer” guy. It’s a busy job to have and certainly one that people don’t get enough credit for!

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